35+ Daily Use English conversation

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Daily Use English conversation for English speaking practice

How English Speaking Work in daily life use .  English is a world wide popular language, that's why we have brought a list of short English conversation for you . I hope you will like it . Given all the English conversation Helpful for you. Our team had Shortlisted Conversation by your daily life English speaking. If you want to more practice you can install English Spoken mobile application. Play Store Link Is Given Below 👇 .

Start with the basics.

You can learn English through conversation by talking to native speakers. This method is called “conversational English” because it focuses on speaking and listening rather than reading and writing. It’s also known as “English immersion” because it involves living in another country where English is spoken English conversation for daily use.

Practice speaking with native speakers.

If you’re interested in learning conversational English, then you should practice speaking with native speakers. There are several ways to do this. First, you can find a local community center or library that offers ESL classes. Second, you can join an online forum where people discuss topics related to language learning. Third, you can use Skype to talk to native speakers. Fourth, you can take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to connect with other learners. Finally, you can visit websites like Duolingo, LingQ, and Rosetta Stone.

Read books and articles about language learning.

You can also read books and articles about language acquisition. These will help you learn vocabulary words and grammar rules For English conversation for daily use. They will also give you tips on how to speak more naturally.

Watch videos and listen to podcasts.

If you want to learn English through conversation, then watch videos and listen to podcasts with native speakers. This will help you practice speaking and listening. It will also help you understand what people say when they talk to each other As English conversation for daily use.

Join a conversation group or meet up with other learners.

You can find lots of groups on Facebook where people share their experiences learning English. There are also some good websites that offer free classes and discussion forums.


Simply Start English Conversation Today .....


1. Conversation Between Two Person About School Life...

  • 🟢 Person 1: What School Did You Go To ?
  • 🟣Person 2: I Want To Bseb High School Founded In 1957.
  • 🟢 Person 1: Where Is The School Located ?
  • 🟣Person 2: It's Located In Saran Bihar , India .
  • 🟢 Person 1: Do You Like The Architecture { वास्तुकला } of The School?
  • 🟣Person 2: Yes , I Do The Architecture Is Not Really Impressive { प्रभावशाली } , But I Like It That The Building's Architects Left Plenty { बहुत } Of Space For Lounging {मौज करना }
  • 🟢 Person 1: What Are The Teachers Like?
  • 🟣Person 2:Most Of The Teachers There Are Helpful And Friendly . I Especially Like Mr Raj My Physics Teacher .
  • 🟢 Person 1: How Long Have You Spend There ?
  • 🟣Person 2: I Have Spend 4 Years Of higher Secondary School There .
  • 🟢 Person 1: Is That A Single-sex School?
  • 🟣Person 2: No Isn't . This Is A Unisex School.
  • 🟢 Person 1: Do You Like The School Uniform?
  • 🟣Person 2: We Don't Wear Uniforms At School , Actually .
  • 🟢 Person 1: Why Do You Enjoy The Time There .?
  • 🟣Person 2: Although I Had To Deal With Quite A Heavy Workload , I Enjoy The Relaxing Atmosphare { आराम का माहौल } When Hanging Out With Friends In The Cafeteria There .
  • 🟢 Person 1: What Important Lesson Did You Learn From School ?
  • 🟣Person 2: I Learned How To Work In A Group In Which There Are Many Friends Coming From Different Cultures { संस्कृति }. That's The Lesson Of Cooperation { सहयोग }.
  • 🟢 Person 1: Will You Recommend That School Of Other's ?
  • 🟣Person 2: Yes, Of Cource . I'm Proud To Recommend Bseb High School To Anyone Who Is Searching Of A Good Place To Learn.


2. Conversation between two person about Family ...

  • 🟢 Person 1: How Many People Are There In Your Family ?
  • 🟣Person 2: There Are 5 People In My Family : My Father , Mother , Brother , Sister , And Me .
  • 🟢 Person 1: Does Your Family Live In A House Or An Apartment ?
  • 🟣Person 2: We Live In A House In The Countryside .
  • 🟢 Person 1: What Does Your Father Do ?
  • 🟣Person 2: My Father Is Teacher He Teach At The High School.
  • 🟢 Person 1: How Old Is Your Mother ?
  • 🟣Person 2: She Is 40 Years Old , 1 Year Younger Than My Father .
  • 🟢 Person 1: Do You Have Any Siblings ? What's His/her Name ?
  • 🟣Person 2: Yes I Do I Have 1 Elder Brother , Rohit And 1 Younger Sister Priya .
  • 🟢 Person 1: Are You The Oldest Amongst { बीच में } Your Brother And Sister ?
  • 🟣Person 2: No I'm Not . I'm The Second Child In My Family .
  • 🟢 Person 1: What Do Your Mother /Father Like?
  • 🟣Person 2: My Father Likes Playing Football And  My Mother Likes Cooking.
  • 🟢 Person 1: Do You Parents Let You Stay Out { बाहर रहना } Late?
  • 🟣Person 2: Of Course Not . They Always Ask Me To Get Home Before 10 Pm Each Night
  • 🟢 Person 1: Do You Stay With Your Parents?
  • 🟣Person 2: Right Now , No, But I Used To .
  • 🟢 Person 1: Does Your Family Usually Have Dinner Together?
  • 🟣Person 2: Yes, We Do, My Mom Always Prepares { तैयार } Delicious {स्वादिष्ट } Meals For Us.


3. Conversation between two person about Restaurant .....


  • 🟢 Person A: How often ( अक्सर ) do you eat out? Who do you go with?
  • 🟣Person B: I often eat out on weekends ( सप्ताहांत ) , when I hang out with my friends.
  • 🟢 Person A: What restaurant do you usually ( आमतौर पर ) visit?
  • 🟣Person B: Well, there are not many restaurants in my neighborhood ( अड़ोस-पड़ोस ), so my best choice is the deli in convenient stores like the Circle K, Mini-Stop, B-smart.
  • 🟢 Person A: What type of food do you enjoy to eat? Western or Asian?
  • 🟣Person B: I'm interested in Asian food, Western food is not my thing.
  • 🟢 Person A: How much do you usually pay when you eat out?
  • 🟣Person B: It's not very expensive, just around $5 for each( प्रत्येक ) meal ( भोजन ).
  • 🟢 Person A: Do you enjoy spicy food ( मसालेदार भोजन )?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, I do, especially ( विशेषकर ) on cold days.
  • 🟢 Person A: Are the servers there friendly to you?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, they are. Most of them are really helpful.
  • 🟢 Person A: Have you ever ( कभी )tried Italian food?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, at least once, when I was in my friend's wedding party.
  • 🟢 Person A: Are you concerned about calories when eating out?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, I am. I'm on diet now, so this really matters to me.
  • 🟢 Person A: Are fast food restaurants like KFC or McDonald's famous in your country?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, they are. The youth in my country are big fans of fast food.
  • 🟢 Person A: Do you often drink alcohol when eating out?
  • 🟣Person B: No, not often. Just when I have parties with my friends.


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4. Conversation between two person about travel........


  • 🟢 Person A: How many places have you traveled to?
  • 🟣Person B: I've visited all the provinces throughout ( पूरे प्रांत ) my country.
  • 🟢 Person A: Who do you usually (आमतौर पर ) go with?
  • 🟣Person B: I often go with my family, sometimes with my best friends.
  • 🟢 Person A: What's your favorite ( पसंदीदा ) tourist attraction ( पर्यटकों के आकर्षण ) ?
  • 🟣Person B: That would be Venice city in Italy. I love riding the gondola along the canals while watching Italian people live their daily lives.
  • 🟢 Person A: Have you ever been abroad ( विदेश )?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, I have. I came to Italy last year for a business trip.
  • 🟢 Person A: What language do you use when traveling?
  • 🟣Person B: English, but sometimes I have to use body language since not all people are good at English.
  • 🟢 Person A: What do you usually do during your trip ( यात्रा )?
  • 🟣Person B: I often go sightseeing ( पर्यटन ), take pictures, mingle with the local people and sample the local cousin.
  • 🟢 Person A: What do you do to prepare for your trip?
  • 🟣Person B: Before the trip, I search for information about the location, weather, famous tourist attractions, transportation, local cuisine and prices on the internet.
  • 🟢 Person A: What do you usually bring when you travel?
  • 🟣Person B: I usually pack my suitcase with some necessary items such as clothes, medicine, food, a map, and a camera.
  • 🟢 Person A: Do you prefer traveling by car, train or plane?
  • 🟣Person B: I prefer planes although ( हालांकि ) it can be a little expensive. Planes are much faster than any other mode of transport.
  • 🟢 Person A: Do you prefer traveling alone or joining a guided tour?
  • 🟣Person B:I love backpacking with my friends who share the same interests as me.


5. Conversation between two person about Cooking......


  • 🟢 Person A: Do you like to cook?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, I do. Cooking helps me feel relaxed { आराम } after long hours working.
  • 🟢 Person A: Is there any kind of food you don't like?
  • 🟣Person B: I don't really like fried { तला हुआ } chicken, which { जो }  is very high in fat.
  • 🟢 Person A: Do you eat out or cook at home?
  • 🟣Person B: I usually { आमतौर पर } cook at home, so[metimes when I'm busy, I go out to eat
  • 🟢 Person A: How often do you cook?
  • 🟣Person B: Just when I have free time. My mom is often responsible { उत्तरदायी } for preparing meals. She's the best cook ever { कभी }.
  • 🟢 Person A: What's your favorite  { पसंदीदा } food?
  • 🟣Person B: I'm addicted { आदी } to sushi. I can eat sushi every day.
  • 🟢 Person A: Is it Western or Asian cuisine?
  • 🟣Person B: It's Asian euisine. Sushi is derived from Japan.
  • 🟢 Person A: Is it easy to make your favorite food?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, I guess. The recipe is quite { बिलकुल } simple.
  • 🟢 Person A: What ingredients do you need to make that food?
  • 🟣Person B: I would need rice, eggs, meat, seafood, and vegetables
  • 🟢 Person A: What do you think about fast food?
  • 🟣Person B: I don't really like fast food. It's not healthy at al.
  • 🟢 Person A: Would you say that you have a healthy diet?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, I would. I prefer { चुनना }eating vitamins, protein and less fat.


6. Conversation between two person about Practical skill { व्यवहारिक गुण } .....


  • 🟢 Person A: What practical skill have you learned?
  • 🟣Person B: Cooking is a practical skill that I have praeticed recently.
  • 🟢 Person A: Who taught { सिखाया हुआ } you that skill?
  • 🟣Person B: My mom is the best cook. She taught me everything about how to make soup, Salad, omelettes, cake, ete.
  • 🟢 Person A: How did you learn it?
  • 🟣Person B: She shows me how to buy food, prepare ingredients, and cook meals whenever { जब भी } she's in the kitchen. I learn how to boil, grill, steam, fry, braise, etc. day by day.
  • 🟢 Person A: Why did you learn it?
  • 🟣Person B: I just want to be a good cook like my mom when I get married. I will prepare the best dishe { व्यंजन } for my husband and children.
  • 🟢 Person A: long did it take for you to learn it?
  • 🟣Person B: I learned it in 4 years. The skill seems { प्रतीत } to be strengthened when I live apart from my family for studying
  • 🟢 Person A: How often do you use this skill?
  • 🟣Person B: I cook every day. I also { भी } love homemade food.
  • 🟢 Person A: How has this skill helped you?
  • 🟣Person B: It makes me more confident { आत्मविश्वासी } whenever I go on a picnic outside { बाहर }. I'm always responsible for the BBQ.
  • 🟢 Person A: Do people in your family know this skill, too?
  • 🟣Person B: My younger sister knows how to cook, too. She has just started learning.
  • 🟢 Person A: Do all skills need learning?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, they do. "Practice makes perfect."
  • 🟢 Person A: How is this skill important to you?
  • 🟣Person B: it's an essential { ज़रूरी } life skill. All women need to know this to keep their family warm and happy.


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7. Conversation between two person about Sport ....


  • 🟢 Person A: What sport do you like?
  • 🟣Person B: I like playing badminton.
  • 🟢 Person A: Is it easy to play that sport?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, it's pretty easy to play.
  • 🟢 Person A: Is that sport popular in your country?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, it is,
  • 🟢 Person A: How long have you been practicing that sport?
  • 🟣Person B: I have been practicing it for 5 years.
  • 🟢 Person A: Who do you play sports with?
  • 🟣Person B: I play badminton with my friends, sometimes with my brother.
  • 🟢 Person A: How often do you play that sport?
  • 🟣Person B: I play badminton every weekend.
  • 🟢 Person A: What benefits can you get from that sport?
  • 🟣Person B: It helps strengthen { मज़बूत बनाना } my muscles because while { जब } playing, I have to move continuously { लगातार }. It is good to burn calories as well.
  • 🟢 Person A: Do you like watching football? Online or offline?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, I do. I prefer watching football offline and online. Going to the stadium, shouting and cheering are good to release stress.
  • 🟢 Person A: What is your favorite football team?
  • 🟣Person B: I like the Manchester United Football Club, also known as "The Red Devils"
  • 🟢 Person A: Why is sport important?
  • 🟣Person B: Sports are sources of recreation { मनोरंजन }. People can learn how to encourage { प्रोत्साहित करना }team spirit when they play sports, too.



8. Conversation between two person about Animal


  • 🟢 Person A: Are you an animal lover?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, I am. I love animals.
  • 🟢 Person A: Are you raising ( पाल रहे ) any pets?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, I have a pitbull puppy at home.
  • 🟢 Person A: What is it like?
  • 🟣Person B: My puppy is friendly, highly intelligent and well-behaved. He always waves his tail and licks my hand to welcome me home.
  • 🟢 Person A: What does it look like?
  • 🟣Person B: He's a medium-sized puppy with a strong neck, broad chest and brown hair.
  • 🟢 Person A: What are its habits?
  • 🟣Person B: My Pitbull puppy loves doing exercise every day. When he plays, he plays to win.
  • 🟢 Person A: What do you usually do with it?
  • 🟣Person B: We usually play tennis together. My puppy helps me pick up tennis balls.
  • 🟢 Person A: What does it like to eat?
  • 🟣Person B: He loves beef ( पशुमांस ), chicken and some dairy products
  • 🟢 Person A: What do you learn from it?
  • 🟣Person B: He teaches me loyalty ( निष्ठा ). An adult pitbull may make me feel safe
  • 🟢 Person A: Why do people keep pets?
  • 🟣Person B: They consider pets as their loyal companions ( साथी ) which ( कौन सा ) make their life better.
  • 🟢 Person A: Are pets well looked after in your country?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes. People in my country love pets.



9. Conversation between two person about Shopping


  • 🟢 Person A: Do you like shopping ?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, I'm a shopaholic (ख़रीददारी का व्यसनी ).
  • 🟢 Person A: What do you usually shop for?
  • 🟣Person B: Iusually shop for clothes. I'm a big fashion fan.
  • 🟢 Person A: Where do you go shopping?
  • 🟣Person B: At some fashion boutiques in my neighborhood.
  • 🟢 Person A: Are there many shops in your neighborhood?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes. My area is the city center, so I have many choices of where to shop.
  • 🟢 Person A: Do you spend much money on shopping
  • 🟣Person B: Yes and I'm usually broke at the end of the month.
  • 🟢 Person A: Do you usually shop online? What items?
  • 🟣Person B: Yes, but not really often ( अक्सर ). I only buy furniture online.
  • 🟢 Person A: What's the difference between shopping online and offline?
  • 🟣Person B: Unlike shopping offline, you cannot try on the pieces of clothes or check the material when shopping online.


10. Conversation between two person about Holiday

  • 🟢 Person A: Where did you go for holiday ( छुट्टी का दिन )?
  • 🟣Person B: Last year I went to Singapore, a Southeast Asian country.
  • 🟢 Person A: Why did you choose that destination ( गंतव्य )?
  • 🟣Person B: I love to travel to Asian countries and Singapore was my best choice because of its beauty and culture.
  • 🟢 Person A: How long did it last?
  • 🟣Person B: I stayed there for 2 weeks.
  • 🟢 Person A: Who went with you?
  • 🟣Person B: I traveled ( यात्रा ) to Singapore with my best friends.
  • 🟢 Person A: How did you travel ?
  • 🟣Person B: We flew there of course ( हमने निश्चित रूप से वहां उड़ान भरी ). During the time there, we moved mostly by MRT and taxi.
  • 🟣Person B: I only brought ( लाया ) some necessary items such as ( जैसे कि ) money, clothes, medicine, a map and a digital camera.
  • 🟢 Person A: What did you do during the holiday?
  • 🟣Person B: We visited famous tourist attractions like Marina Bay Sands, Merlion Park, Artsience Museum, Singapore Flyers (यात्रियों ) . We also enjoyed local cuisine ( भोजन ) there
  • 🟢 Person A: What's the difference between holidays today and 20 years ago?
  • 🟣Person B: Well (असल में ) it has changed a lot. People now can afford ( समर्थ होना ) holidays outside ( बाहर ) their countries while 20 years ago, traveling abroad ( विदेश ) seemed ( प्रतीत हुआ ) hard.
  • 🟢 Person A: At what time do people in your country usually go on holiday?
  • 🟣Person B: It depends on what job people have. When they have a break from work, they will find somewhere to travel.


11. Conversation between two person about music 


  • 🟢 Person A: What kind of musie do you like?
  • 🟣Person B: I'm Crazy ( पागल ) about Hard Touching music.
  • 🟢 Person A: Is that the kind of music preferred in your country?
  • 🟣Person B: It varies. Normally the youth enjoy Rock and Pop while middle-aged citizens ( नागरिकों ) prefer ( वरीयता देना ) country music.
  • 🟢 Person A: Who is your favorite singer?
  • 🟣Person B: I'm a big fan of Arijit Singh, a talented India Singer, 
  • 🟢 Person A: What piece of music do you like? Who sang that song?
  • 🟣Person B: My favorite song is Ham Tre Bin, sung by Arijit Singh.
  • 🟢 Person A: How much time a day do you spend listening to music?
  • 🟣Person B: I usually listen to music all day with an MP3 player.
  • 🟢 Person A: Do you feel relaxed listening to music?
  • 🟣Person B: Sure. I feel like there are no more worries ( चिंता ) in the world.
  • 🟢 Person A: Why is music important to us?
  • 🟣Person B: Music has the power of beautifying ( सौंदर्यीकरण ) our life.
  • 🟢 Person A: Do you usually go to bars or clubs?
  • 🟣Person B: Not often. I sometimes go there on weekends.
  • 🟢 Person A: What do you think about the teenagers ( किशोरों )' music style?
  • 🟣Person B: Teenagers tend ( प्रवृत्त होना ) to choose loud and fast music like Rock or Rap. Everyone has their own taste of music though.
  • 🟢 Person A: Have you ever thought of forming a music band?
  • 🟣Person B: No, I don't have any talent for music.


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