Quotes On Psychology Fact Day 10

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Psychology Fact ( 46-50 )


We are all perfect


I like the idea of the phenomenological concept of the world.

It's when a beautiful blooming rose is a perfect blooming rose. And a wilted bud is a perfect wilted bud.

It's when any phenomenon is beautiful as it is.

Without "improving", "reaching", or " finishing".

It's different from the medical view stating that there is a standard to live up to.

As well as the idea of endless development. Achievement.

In this race, there will always be room to move on. As there will always be a shadow that constitutes the non-acceptance of what is now - the shadow of depreciation.

Living according to the phenomenological concept all the time is probably impossible, but applying it to discover love and warmth to yourself is very healing🤍



Nothing works!


Some people literally and figuratively beat their heads against the wall trying to get what they want. They blame themselves, others, and the unjust world for their own faults, but nothing works.

In such cases, one should take a pause and have a good look for IT 👉🏼 secondary benefit.

Believe me, it exists.
I'm telling you for sure.


Fear of being wrong


• Entering into the wrong relationship.
• Starting the wrong project or business.
• Saying the wrong phrases.
• Creating the wrong product.
• Thinking the wrong thoughts.

And so on and so forth.

🤷🏻 I don't know the right way, so I don't do anything.

→ Who in this world knows how to do the right thing?
How to figure out what's right and wrong for you without making mistakes?

→What is the criterion of rightness?
Maybe the other person's experience, their words, their way?

→How to be sure that having taken another person's life as a guidance, I would understand something about myself?
You can understand something about yourself only by looking inside, not by trying to live another life.

Life is a path; you open one door to find another, and then you find the next one, and it happens again and again, endless.


Are you afraid of singleness or do you choose it?


Being afraid of singleness = endlessly searching for the missing parts of yourself in another.

To choose singleness = to recognize your difference to others, to realize that only being single you are able to reach your individuality.

🔺P.S.: for lovers of categorization: choosing singleness does not equal never having relationships.

Choosing singleness is to stop looking for a wedding dress👰🏼 every time a random man compliments you in the elevator.


Two recent tendencies destroying mental health


▫️ Consumption of an inordinate amount of information.
▫️ And inversely, the lack of meanings.

Imagine that you have arrived in a little-known terrain, about to discover it with excitement.

Then, instead of walking, you sit down in the inviting nearby trolley and it begins to speed up to 200 km/h.

Behind the wheel everything flashes so fast that you have no time to see the details, you have no time to focus your gaze on anything.

The same thing happens to our attention.

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