Quotes On Psychology Fact Day 11

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Psychology Fact ( 51-55 )


You don't have to give up anything


Live and accept everything that happens to you.
Suppression and rejection have never made anyone happy.

📦Whatever you've accumulated inside you, no matter how securely you packed it away, sooner or later it will leak out.
👉🏼 Sometimes in the form of a little trickle, and usually as a powerful explosion, leaving behind a heap of unreasonable expectations and shattered illusions.

• Don't fight life, just let it be.
• Don't deny pain - live it.
• Don't suppress anger - let it pass through you.

Let everything that happens just be, stop the war.



Signs of a toxic relationship at the outset:


✔️ You show what your partner wants to see, not the real you.
✔️ Controlling your partner and requiring obedience under the guise of care.
✔️ Accusations.
✔️ Advice on how to change or get better.
✔️Isolation from friends/family.
✔️Mood swings (abrupt change of mood).
✔️An excuse for a partner.

Love is not ...
▫️ affection
▫️ pity
▫️ selflessness
▫️ passion
▫️ possessiveness
▫️ selfishness
▫️ the desire to give pleasure to another.


A man with a hammer in his hands will always see nails


Do you know why you can't change as soon as you start examining yourself?

That’s because what you really want is to change the world around you, not yourself.

Hence so much anger at stupid therapy sessions, boring practices, pointless navel-gazing.

When you really want change, you don't try to determine the time, you just realize that today, right now, you are making a voluntary decision to live differently, and that's already made all the difference.

Transformation is an individual process, so no one can go through it together with you.


Why is it important to develop a sympathetic and compassionate attitude toward yourself?


‼️Because the habit of berating yourself can negate the effects of all the healing efforts.⠀

Let's say we've worked through all the key points of our regression, dealt with all the inner critics and scolding teachers, and then what?

And then nothing can change... since being accustomed to scold ourselves, we simply may not have the experience: "Is there any other way?"⠀ ⠀

That's where daily practice comes in. This practice includes gaining the skill of self-support and self-awareness. Yes, it will take you some time to learn how to respond to your own failures and mistakes in a new way.


What is inner pain?


If you think it over, this pain is all about strong emotions. And there're not necessarily "bad" emotions, such as: anger, resentment, disappointment, etc. (the list is long). It can also be love, but you have no one to share it with or to express it somehow. Or it can be a very strong love that doesn't have enough space to bloom.

What should we do to prevent the "explosion"? After all, a strong emotion, like any explosion, leads to devastation and it takes a long time to rebuild what has been destroyed...

❓What can we do when feelings overwhelm us?
❗️ Increase your inner space. Let it expand.

❗️Breathing... Try to breathe through your mouth. When we start breathing through our mouth, we automatically engage our stomach. And it's like we focus our mind on the belly.

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