Quotes On Psychology Fact Day 12

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Psychology Fact ( 56-60 )


How to remove your hidden inner blocks?


Take some paper, black ink and brushes of different sizes. ⠀

The sheets of paper can be of different sizes, from small to large. Whatever you can afford.

Feel which size is the most comfortable and which brush suits it best.

Dip the brush into the ink and draw a line from one edge of the sheet to another. Observe your sensations and emotions that arise in the process.⠀

🖤Continue changing sheets and brushes until you feel like this is the "hit"! ⠀

🤍That's when it feels right and satisfying.



To become psychologically and mentally stronger


you need not only to overcome yourself, but also to remind yourself of victories as often as possible. 

Every day write down in a notebook or in your smartphone notes a few things that made you feel grateful during the day. 

That way, after a while, you'll be able to figure out what brings you the most positive feelings and what you should focus on.

I associate such an effect with improvement of the general psychological state, better quality of sleep and reduction of stress, because meaningful positive emotions relax the psyche.


What to do if a wave of negative emotions overwhelms you? 


Use an alternative method - clenching and unclenching your fists.

Clench and unclench your fists one by one on the right and left hand, alternating with clenching them simultaneously. Feel the tense in your muscles. 

For greater effectiveness, combine this exercise with inhalations and exhalations.


When you blame other people for something, you also blame yourself for something.


For example, if you're used to treating "fat people" with contempt, you'll be afraid to be like them. Because then you will find yourself in the position of being judged.

Judgment will eventually turn you into a neurotic. For example, you will go to the gym more motivated by fear and rejection than by creative desires.

Following this approach, true happiness is out of the question.

At the same time, we always judge other people and ourselves, both consciously and unconsciously.

But when you stop doing this, your quality of life and your emotional well-being will improve considerably.


Leave your parents alone


Leave them alone with their crap and stop blaming them for your own misery, unless you really want to keep feeling miserable. Stop assuming, even in your dreams, that your parents still owe you something or can keep you from something if you are over 18.

If someone is "holding you back" from something, it's you. This is your fear of growing up, making choices, and taking full responsibility for each of your decisions.

❗️Breathing... Try to breathe through your mouth. When we start breathing through our mouth, we automatically engage our stomach. And it's like we focus our mind on the belly.

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