Quotes On Psychology Fact Day 9

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Psychology Fact ( 41-45 )




No matter how many different opinions there are around, it is only you who decides, acts and evaluates the results of your decisions and actions - no one else.

That's the message I try to convey to people every day.

When they finally understand this, life changes dramatically. That's because the level of responsibility grows and you start to come up with a lot of different ideas. I am very happy to see these results.

If a person can understand even this simple idea, my work is not in vain.





☝🏽It is so important to do in our modern world where the flow of information is overwhelming and our attention is scattered!

🚨 Do you know what's important to you? What do you want? What are your true goals and what does your soul want?

🙌🏼To understand yourself, to hear yourself, and feel yourself. To do that, it's important to develop awareness, to get out of your head, because the head is only 20% of the body. We tend to sit firmly in the head analyzing everything, thinking, running in a hurry, feeling nothing, and then we don't understand what happened.


Enjoy. Even when someone is trying to drag you into struggle or misery.


Stay satisfied with yourself.
Even when someone was expecting a different result from you.

Believe in yourself.
Even when someone important doubts you.

Go forward.
To know yourself better, not to prove something.

🟤 Don't avoid yourself. There is no relationship that justifies self-sabotage.


All we can do regarding our past is to accept it.


Believe me, absolutely all of us have something to discuss with a psychologist, no one's past is flawless.
But no matter what you do, there is no method to change it.

Only accept.

However, you have to build your future, and it is always built in your "today".
Your future isn't in diaries or tables, but in the actions of today.


At what age is it "too late" to change something, try new things, and follow your dreams?


Our desires are the main driving force that makes us do something.
Assuming, of course, that these desires are really OURS, that is, not imposed by society. If that's true, then as soon as our desires arise in our minds, the amount of energy necessary to bring them to fruition arises too.

People can be divided into three groups depending on their attitude towards their desires:

People who dream a lot, but give up their dreams when faced with difficulties: because of disappointments, advice from "experienced" people and the seeming unrealism of their requests.
▪️"My partner said I was stupid dreaming of a big house, a nice car, decent money. It's not for us, it's too luxurious for people like us."
▪️"My friend told me I'd never get that job. It's all settled there, and there's no point in trying."

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